Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited (PNTL) today hosted a visit by the United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Transport Panel, showing the group of American scientific experts how used nuclear fuel is moved safely on the company’s fleet of purpose-built ships.

The NAS Transport Panel met with PNTL and BNFL managers responsible for sea shipments, rail shipments and other aspects of transport operations, as part of a fact-finding visit.

Captain Malcolm Miller, Head of International Transport for BNFL and General Manager of PNTL, said: “The NAS Panel was able to see that we have a dedicated, highly skilled and experienced team of professionals transporting used fuel and other nuclear materials every day. Our record of safe transportation over the last forty years, both within the UK and internationally, should provide a high degree confidence that the US will be able to manage its transportation infrastructure smoothly when it begins moving used fuel from reactor sites.”

The National Academy of Sciences advises the United States federal government on scientific and technical matters.

PNTL is the world’s most experienced shipper of nuclear cargoes and operates a fleet of purpose-built ships that carry commercial used nuclear fuel, vitrified high-level waste, mixed oxide (MOX) fuel, research reactor used fuel and plutonium dioxide.

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