PNTL operates three vessels, Pacific Heron, Pacific Egret and Pacific Grebe. These are the latest generation of INF3 class PNTL vessels dedicated to nuclear transports.

The design of the ships is a development of the previous fleet of INF3 class ships incorporating current regulations and technologies. The cargo compartments are protected by a double hull, and all essential systems have an independent back up to provide  redundancy and resilience. The ships exceed the requirements of the INF code.  PNTL’s ships are classified by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) of the United Nations at its highest level of INF3. The INF Code regulates shipments by sea of packaged irradiated nuclear fuel, plutonium and high level radioactive wastes.

These vessels carry spent fuel, MOX fuel assemblies and vitrified high level waste between Japan and Europe.

PNTL vessels are managed by AW Ship Management who are based in London, operate worldwide and have been established for over one hundred years.