PNTL has offered congratulations to James Fisher Rumic for its rescue of seven Russian sailors off the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean. Their submarine, the Priz, had become entangled in fishing nets and was stuck at a depth of 190 metres. The marine support company was able to free it by cutting the nets using a remote-controlled Scorpio 45 vehicle.

Responding to congratulations from PNTL General Manager, Captain Malcolm Miller, on the “superb” rescue, Chairman of the Fisher Group, Tim Harris, wrote: “To have saved seven lives is indeed an achievement and we feel the rescue team’s performance was perfect evidence of their skill, readiness and training.”

PNTL has worked with James Fisher Rumic for over twenty years and its fleet is managed by James Fisher and Sons plc. James Fisher Rumic plays a central role in PNTL’s emergency response activities, helping to develop emergency response plans and undertake emergency exercises.